The StateNets Story

Who We Are

We like to say we are a stealth partner.

You describe your client’s needs and we offer solutions.
We love it when YOU are the hero.

StateNets has worked with hundreds of regional and national marketers and political campaigns. Our affiliate State Networks offer border-to-border coverage of their States. This gives you the reach of both urban and rural communities. This broad footprint and copy-splitting capability allows us to build customized, multi-market media plans to match advertisers’ unique geographic needs.

Working with StateNets can save you the time and energy of buying spot radio for every market. Our coverage is a great option for clients looking to reach the suburban markets, small towns and often overlooked rural areas.

StateNets has offices in Chicago, Dallas and Richmond, Virginia.

What We Do

Regional Marketing

StateNets is a natural fit for national and regional marketers that have a desire to blanket a portion of a state, an entire state or a number of states with their message.  StateNets provides a very efficient and effective way to regionally distribute your message.

Political Marketing

StateNets has helped hundreds of campaigns win elections and issue & political organizations influence public policy by delivering statewide audiences of adults that are likely to vote or contact their elected officials.

Rural Lifestyle

Over 60 million people make up this market segment and is almost 20 times larger than the true “farmer” population. Home to animals, tractors, ATVs/UTVs and large vehicles, this “Country-Living Club” promises enormous opportunity for regional and national marketers and StateNets’ rural coverage delivers these adults.

Meet Our Team

Dave Martin

Partner, East Coast Region

Carolyn Fisher

PartnerSoutheast & Midwest Region

Judy Burns

Partner, West Coast & Southwest Region

Angie Martin

Account Executive

Jason Price

Administrative Coordinator

Carla Litton