Who is the Rural Lifestyler?

The over 27 million households and 51 million Adults 18+
that make up this dynamic market segment.

  • 63% of households are on less than 10 acres
  • 95% own their own land
  • A large percentage of these folks are professionals or self-employed
  • This market is substantially larger than the U.S. Farms market (1.8 million farms)

  • Over 27 Million Households
  • More than 69 Million of the US Population
  • More than 51 Million are Over the Age of 18
  • More than 1 in 4 HH in the US are not in a city or town.


  • Population that is 30x larger than the standard agricultural production populace
  • 45 million 18+ rural lifestyle adults are frequent radio listeners.
  • 87% can name the radio stations they listen to.
  • Average household spending is above the U.S. Census median of $44,684


Research shows rural residents more likely to use
radio than almost any other medium —
more than TV and Print.