State Radio Networks

Local Interest, National Reach Through StateNets


Just as national networks such as ABC, CBS and NBC provide national television news, state radio networks provide quality statewide news, sports and information to their affiliated radio stations.

By delivering statewide news of interest it allows their affiliates to serve their loyal listeners and advertisers in ways that would be difficult or even impossible on their own.

In exchange for the news product and services, affiliates provide the network with :30 and :60 commercial inventory each week during radio’s most listened to dayparts.




Award winning news and programming delivered via satellite throughout each state


 Prime Daypart Clearance

Monday-Saturday 5:55am – 8pm. Limited weekend inventory is available

Customized Geography

Whether it be one state or a region we can blanket your clients target areas.


Local Hometown Audience

Radio stations that people turn to for their daily information, largely but not exclusively delivering rural and hard to reach c and d counties


Nielsen Nationwide Research

By state, DMA or County


Network radio that provides a lower average cost per spot than local spot radio.


Fast and Simple

Reach your potential customers with the ease of contact for placement, traffic and invoicing.